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Richard Strocher (@Richard Strocher) is an online commentator and X / Twitter troll and gimmick account whose posts and unusual username attracted attention in 2023 and 2024. In his bio, Strocher claims to be affiliated with Fox News, The Blaze and that he's the host of "The Richard Strocher Show" on Rumble, which does not exist. In early 2024, Strocher went viral online after he claimed to have "heard Jews" underneath the floor of his house in connection with the Chabad Synagogue Tunnels incident, receiving widespread media coverage and discourse online. His username has also inspired commentary and confusion because "Richard Strocher" can be read as "Dick Stroker."


Richard Strocher has had an account on X / Twitter since December 2022. His early posts on the platform in 2023 range from interactions with and commentary about Republican politicians (particularly Donald Trump) and edgy political posts (examples seen below).[1]

Richard Strocher X @RichardStrocher Aug 21, 2023 I'm going to say the n word 175 12 126 3 Richard Strocher X @Richard Strocher Aug 29, 2023 Replying to @GovRonDeSantis Not listening. Don't care. I'm going surfing. 173 ₁2K 26 806 ال : 口企 : 口企

Jewish Tunnels Tweet

Richard Strocher came to wider public attention in January 2024 for a series of posts about hearing "digging" and "Yiddish" underneath the floor of his supposed apartment in New York City.[2]

The story circulated widely on TikTok, X and other platforms despite being false, as well as receiving coverage in the media (some of which believed it was true).[8] The thread he made the posts in received over 53,000 likes in a month after being posted on January 9th, 2024 (shown below).[3]

Richard Strocher X @RichardStrocher some of you owe me an apology Richard Strocher X @Richard Strocher I swear I keep hearing yiddish under the floor in my NY apartment. (I live at ground level and we have no basement) 5:32 PM Dec 11, 2023 1,303 Views 3 Reposts 34 Likes 12:49 AM Jan 9, 2024 2.5M Views 460 10K 51K Follow 4K ←]

Richard Strocher X @RichardStrocher · Jan 9 I AM NOT CRAZY Richard Strocher X @RichardStrocher There are Jews living under my apartment. I hear them its like they are digging or something. For the record: I live at ground level and we do NOT have a basement!!! 5:35 PM Nov 7, 2023 2,390 Views 7 Reposts 3 Quotes 172 90 Likes 1 Bookmark 3.5K 24K Follow ₁1.7M 口企

Following the viral spread of Strocher's posts, journalist Taylor Lorenz posted a TikTok (seen below) saying he was "completely full of shit."[4]

In her video, Lorenz described an investigative reporting process that found Strocher reportedly lied in his bio about being employed by Fox News, was a noted Groyper account, did not live in Crown Heights in New York City and that the screenshots showed "signs of manipulation." Lorenz's TikTok video proceeded to garner over 71,000 views, 6,600 likes and 200 comments in two months.

Richard Strocher's Name Is "Dick Strocher"

Richard Strocher's name, a pun, has attracted attention from other posters on X and various platforms amid his virality. A post of Strocher introducing himself and declaring his support for Donald Trump received many reposts and quote-tweets in February 2024, with others remarking about his name. For example, on February 18th, X user @upblissed (seen below) received 28,000 likes in three days for pointing out the meaning of Strocher's name.[6]

Corn * @upblissed Feb 16 n----- name is D--- Stroker Richard Strocher @RichardStrocher. Jan 16 My name is Richard Strocher. I'm a Gen-Z Conservative who is fighting for President Trump in 2024. Trump is the only America First candidate. I will loyally aid him in defeating the deep state, ending the border crisis, and restoring order Show more :

Online History

As of February 2024, Strocher has over 12,900 followers on X. In the bio of his account (seen below) he claims to be associated with Fox News and The Blaze, however, there is no record of him at either media company. Strocher also claims to host "The Richard Strocher Show" on Rumble, but there is no record of his program on that platform either.[3]

Richard Strocher X @Richard Strocher : Follow FOX News, The Blaze - Host of The Richard Strocher Show on #Rumble - LIVE: Mon-Fri 9 PM ET - Sommelier, Carpenter, and Research Junkie #BelieveStrocher West Virginia Joined December 2022 365 Following 12.9K Followers

Many others have expressed doubt about whether Strocher was a real person, with some like X user @Joyboy21st speculating that Strocher's profile picture looked like an AI art image (seen below).[7] In the replies, commenters pointed to the strange arrangement of the stars on the American flag over Strocher's shoulder as evidence the image was plausibly AI-generated.

Joyboy @Joyboy21st Feb 16 Why does bro look like he's Al generated 4 (21 619 ₁18K : 口企

Richard Strocher Jewish Tunnels Vindication Post

Richard Strocher Jewish Tunnels Vindication Post refers to a viral post on X / Twitter in early January 2024 that was made by a right-wing humorist troll posting under the name Richard Strocher, which claimed that he heard Yiddish spoken underneath his home in New York City in the weeks prior to the uncovering of the Chabad Synagogue Tunnels. Many online posted that he was vindicated or spread screenshots of the tweet as if it were real, but reporting by Taylor Lorenz and an investigation of the posts in the following days indicated that Strocher likely neither lived in New York nor had made the posts about hearing Jews underneath his home.

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