The "Spectacular Give Me 14 Of Them" meme video from TikTok.

What's The 'Spectacular Give Me 14 Of Them Right Now' Meme? The Viral TikTok Video Explained

A TikTok video of a husband telling his wife "Spectacular, give me 14 of them right now" is trending as a meme.

The original video is spreading fast as viewers (who are seemingly in love with the guy) are green-screening him into different scenarios, using his enthusiastic quote and mannerisms like an exploitable meme template. People are using a viral CapCut template to honor the man's good meal.

So, what is the original video? Who posted it and why has it gone viral? Let's explain.

What's The Original 'Spectacular Give Me 14 Of Them Right Now' Video?

The original video was posted by TikToker @60somethinglife last week. The woman behind the camera (and cook) is named Vicky and her husband's name is Al.

In the video, she approaches her husband with an orange plate holding three pancakes. Al is seen taking one bite and proclaiming, "Spectacular, give me 14 of them right now." Vicky then wants to tell him what they're made of, but he says, "I don't care, don't tell me."

She insists though, and says, "Sweet potato and eggs." Of course, he still wants more.

@60somethinglife Sweet potato amd egg pancakes that simple #foodie #food #hubby #taste #tester #mealprep #meal #protein #madewithlove ♬ original sound – Vicky

What's The 'Spectacular Give Me 14 Of Them Right Now' Meme?

After the original video racked up more than 4 million likes, viewers started using its TikTok sound for their own content. The memes predominantly used Al's enthusiasm to highlight other foods, items, activities and concepts that might prompt someone to say, "Spectacular," and want 14 more.

Many of the meme videos showed people lip dubbing Al's words. Others directly used Al by green-screening him overtop backgrounds that fit the scenario outlined in their video's caption.

How To Make A 'Spectacular Give Me 14 Of Them Right Now' Meme

To make a meme with Al's quote, use this template in the CapCut app on your mobile device. Once accessed, click "Use Template," add a background from your camera roll, then export it to the TikTok app.

On TikTok, you can give the video a text caption and use the sound from the original video.

Alternatively, download the greenscreen template shown below and use it in whatever video editing software you use most.

@chiefgreenscreens Spectacular gimme 14 of them #Meme #MemeCut ♬ original sound – Vicky

For the full history of "Spectacular give me 14 of them right now," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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