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Blue MAGA, also known as BlueMAGA or #BlueMAGA, is a slang term describing liberal Democrat voters who support U.S. President Joe Biden to an outrageous and seemingly blind degree, ultimately drawing a comparison to MAGA (aka "Make America Geat Again") supporters whose adoration and defense of former U.S. President Donald Trump mirrors them. The catchphrase was coined in 2017 following the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Despite its late 2010s origin, the term wasn't used en masse until mid-2024 following the initial CNN Presidential Debate during which Trump and Biden first met in preparation for the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election. The idea of the Blue MAGA electorate became akin to Biden supporters and Democrat leaders who ignored President Biden's old age and seemingly flawed mental capacities. Blue MAGA was notably discussed by comedian Jon Stewart during a 2024 The Daily Show segment.


The first known utterance of Blue MAGA was a tweet shared by Twitter / X[1] user @WeHearPodcast on October 28th, 2017, who wrote, "Vote like your life depends on it because it does. #BlueWave #BlueMAGA." The tweet received two likes in seven years, however, it is currently the first known utterance of the phrase (shown below).

Soon after, X[2] user @WeHearPodcast used the hashtag "#BlueMAGA" in more tweets, continuing the pattern.

We HearVoicesOutThere #voteBlue2024 @WeHearPodcast Vote like your life depends on it because it does. #BlueWave #BlueMAGA Jamie Carter @JCTheResistance Oct 27, 2017 No matter what happens with #Mueller We have an election in 31 states November 7. Stay focused.... Show more Our Flag Does Not Represent Republicans It Represents Our Ability To Vote Them Out 11:52 AM Oct 28, 2017


More viral usage of "Blue MAGA" surfaced in 2019, evident in a post shared by X[3] user @scottsantens on April 25th, 2019, in which he wrote, "Democrats who think Biden can win are basically Team Blue MAGA where their definition of when America was once 'great' was in 2015 right before Trump won…" Over five years, the post received over 370 likes (shown below, left).

On January 14th, 2021, X[4] user @lukeoneil47 tweeted, "Joe Biden isn't even president yet and his goofy fans are already trying to convince us 1400 is the same as 2000. Real blue maga shit," gaining over 17,000 likes in three years (shown below, right).

Scott Santens @scottsantens Subscribe Democrats who think Biden can win are basically Team Blue MAGA where their definition of when America was once "great" was in 2015 right before Trump won. A strategy that says 2020 USA wants to return to 2015 USA is a losing strategy. We need a future- not past-oriented strategy. 11:50 AM Apr 25, 2019 luke Follow @lukeoneil47 Joe Biden isn't even president yet and his goofy fans are already trying to convince us 1400 is the same as 2000. Real blue maga s---. 7:40 PM ⚫ Jan 14, 2021

Blue MAGA memes and discourse surfaced across social media in the early 2020s. For instance, on August 2nd, 2022, Redditor[5] CathodeRayNoob shared a Blue MAGA meme to /r/PresidentialRaceMemes that used the NPC Wojak format, gaining over 220 upvotes in two years (shown below).

"There was no cheating in the 2016 general election." "Who cares if they're a p--------? They support trump." "Liz Cheney is a RINO because she has conviction!" "Only rural votes should count." "There was no cheating in the 2016 primary election." "Who cares if they're anti-choice? They support biden." "Bernie Sanders is a DINO because he has conviction!" "Only corporate DNC insider votes should count." "F--- democracy. We're a CoNsTiTuTioN- "F--- democracy. We're a CoNsTiTuTioN- al RepUBLIC." "If you disagree with me, you are owned by China." al RepUBLIC." "If you disagree with me, you are owned by Russia." MAKE AMER GREAT AGA MADE AMERICA SEAT ALREADY L

In mid-2024, memes and discourse about Blue MAGA resurfaced en masse following the first CNN Presidential Debate, based on concerns about Biden's age and mental capabilities heading into the election cycle. For instance, on July 5th, 2024, X[6] user @SaibBilaval tweeted a screenshot of an article headline reading, "MSNBC host Joy Reid says she'd vote for President Biden if he was 'in a coma'" published by The Hill.[7] The X user wrote, "Blue MAGA is real," receiving over 2,400 likes in five days (shown below).

Saib Bilaval @SaibBilaval Blue MAGA is real. The Hill ⭑ THE HILL @thehill MSNBC host Joy Reid says she'd vote for President Biden if he was "in a coma" TRIBECA FILM FEST VAL ED BY &T BY BT BECA LM FE VAL. Joy Reid says she'd vote for Biden if he was 'in a coma' 12:14 PM Jul 5, 2024 183.7K Views ...

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart "Blue MAGA" Segment

On July 9th, 2024, X[8] user @KaladinFree tweeted a recent 15-minute-long segment from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in which Stewart discussed Blue MAGA (shown below), captioning it, "Jon Stewart expertly destroyed the Blue MAGA wing of the Dem party." In a day, the tweet received roughly 12,000 likes.

Various Examples

Nigel Clarke @Nigel OnTheRoad Joe Biden: "there is no rationale to eliminate, right now, fracking" Blue MAGA: SENIOR CENTER BIDEN PRESIDENT 2020 COME JOIN US 4:14 AM ⚫ Sep 18, 2020 ... r/LateStageCapitalism •2 mo. ago isawasin Blue MAGA is real. This is the 'vote blue no matter who' version of when republicans see a photo of a long line at a food pantry taken yesterday and their response is: 'this is what america would look like under communism.' Tyler Katzenberger @TylerKatzen • 8h: Professor pinned on the ground being arrested at @UWMadison, asking police to leave students alone 838 175.6K 12.9K ili 2M ☐ 8 Felipe @flipmode27 • 8h Replying to @TylerKatzen @Sean OrrMKE and @UWMadison We're getting a taste of trumps America if elected. 334 17156 31 Il 157K ☐ David Klion @DavidKlion Follow Biden has now dyed himself orange, attacked the lying NYT, and is on track to lose the election... but he doesn't have to accept Trump's victory. He could, for instance, incite a Blue MAGA mob to storm the Capitol in January. . 4:04 PM Jul 9, 2024 131.8K Views Savage Joy Marie-Mostly blind, but aware AF-Mann @SavageJoyMarie1 Alexa, what is "Blue MAGA"? папитерпеа BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan It's pretty f------ funny that after so many trump promises to get Mexico to pay for the wall, President Biden got Mexico to pay $1.5 billion for smart tech to enhance border security. Well played, Mr. President. 9:53 PM 2022-07-13 Twitter Web App 8,873 Retweets 869 Quote Tweets 46K Likes 10:16 PM ⚫ Jul 16, 2022 • Revolutionary Blackout Network @SocialistMMA Blue MAGA in a nutshell Ms. Anonymous @msanonym... .27m v I'm a white woman and yes, imma call your black ass Uncle f------ Tom if you vote for anybody but Biden-Harris. Trying to rub shoulders with the same people who would've owned your ass for a dollar 75 years ago is not a good look. You're racist against your own people. Traitors. GIF 208 176 14 ↑ 11:32 AM Jul 30, 2022 Héctor E. Alcalá (Uncivilized) @Hector_E_Alcala You: Blue MAGA isn't real! Blue MAGA: TAROLYN RYAN carolynryan @carolynryan · 18h - Poll shows 64 % of female voters in NYC approve of Cuomo, 24 % disapprove. POLLING NEWSNATION PIX⑪ 32% Democratic Mayoral Primary: First Choice New York City, March 4-6, 2021, Likely Dem. Primary Voters, MM, N=644, +/-3.8% Yang Adams 19% 9% 6% 5% 4% Wiley Stringer Garcia Morales Donovan 4% McGuire 3% Menchaca 1% 1% Chang Sutton 0% 0% 0% Taylor Foldenauer se/Undecided Emerson Polling 68 17145 384 ↑ mabel @mabel65569390 Replying to @carolynryan and @Malcolm Nance In my opinion these five women should be flattered that Cuomo ( the Italian stallion) paid attention to them. I do not see sexual-harassment in what they describe. At least he didn't grab them by the "P"! 1:28 PM Mar 9, 2021 17%

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