The 'Hawk Tuah-ning' Continues As Haliey Welch Posts Mini Documentary About Her Hometown And Is Rumored To Be The Subject Of A Reality Show

July 8th, 2024 - 11:58 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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An image of Haliey Welch aka Hawk Tuah girl and a tweet about dancing plague.

Last week, elusive "Hawk Tuah Girl" Haliey Welch gave her first interview since her bewildering rise to viral meme fame, coyly suggesting she had plans to join the entertainment industry.

Those plans appear to be in motion, as Welch posted a mini autobiographical documentary to her Instagram over the weekend via a Reel. The next day, TMZ reported that Welch was getting pitches from Hollywood for a reality television series about her life.

"We're told big-name showrunners and producers are reaching out to people in Hailey's orbit to discuss what kind of show they can create as a vehicle for her," TMZ wrote.

This is not the first time that Welch has been tied to Hollywood-types. In late June, Page Six reported that Welch had inked a deal with talent agency UTA. This information proved to be untrue, and while the current rumored Hollywood interest in Welch isn't confirmed at this point, it's worth noting that it was TMZ who corrected the UTA rumor.

The news spread on Twitter / X thanks largely to a tweet from Dexerto, which inspired mass dejection from a populace utterly confused as to how a girl parlayed giving mildly silly oral advice into a potential life of fame and stardom.

the dream Dancing Plague

While there was definitely an air of confusion and perhaps jealousy toward Haliey Welch's success, some were still happy for her — even if they didn't understand the machinations that are apparently working to turn her into a star.

When life hands you lemons...

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