Social Media Not Quite Inspired By RFK Jr.'s Pledge To 'Not Take Sides On 9/11'

July 5th, 2024 - 12:24 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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RFK Jr.'s take on 9/11 via his tweet.

The proverbial hits just keep coming out of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s mouth. This morning, the longshot Presidential candidate opened a tweet thread with, "My take on 9/11," and it didn't exactly improve from there.

Kennedy promised that, as President, he wouldn't "take sides on 9/11," nor "any other debates" in the United States. He said this as a way to indicate he would not participate in potential government cover-ups for topics that are the subject of popular conspiracy theories in the U.S.

RFK Jr on 9/11 RFK on Transparency

It is unprecedented for a legitimate American presidential candidate to claim they're agnostic on 9/11, and the bold stance certainly raised many eyebrows on social media, though it didn't exactly inspire confidence.

A treat One of the funniest statements

Kennedy's tweets have added to a week's worth of bizarre statements from the independent candidate, which have not exactly helped him curry favor against a flagging Joe Biden and a highly controversial Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair published a photo of Kennedy allegedly eating a dog (Kennedy contended it was a goat). Afterward, he appeared on NewsNation to insist that while he was an "adventurous" eater, he would not eat a dog or a human. This naturally led to big chyron reading "RFK: 'I would not eat a human.'"

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