Fear Not: 'Hearthstone' Has Not Created A 'Sasquawk Tuah' Card

July 11th, 2024 - 1:19 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Sasquawk Tuah Hearthstone hoax.

The Hawk Tuah Girl meme has reached the point in its lifecycle where even the slightest suggestion of the meme elicits cringe, hatred and panic among many.

Thus, when a post in the subreddit /r/Hearthstone suggested that the developers of Blzzard's card game had edited the flavor text of the "Sasquawk" card to read, "You gotta give em that 'Sasquawk tuah' and spit on that thing," some were ready to quit playing the game forever.

Sasquawk Tuah meme

Thankfully for Hearthstone players, this is not real. Instead, it's just a gag referencing the massive meme dominating social media discourse over the last few weeks.

The meme seems to have broken the brains of several commenters reacting to the viral reference. One user posted:

I’m literally rolling on the floor laughing at this!!! Hawk tuah!!!! Hahahaa, thanks for inviting me to this awesome joke! God I’ve missed this… 😂 😜 been a while since I had a genuine laugh, I understood that reference!! I really needed this after my recent divorce, I got none of the rights to my children, but this…this is awesome jokes.

"Sasquawk," depicted as a colorful parrot-like bird, is a new Hunter Legendary card that was added to the game yesterday. Its actual flavor text reads:

He makes your last turn this turn. But if you play him next turn, your next turn is this turn. Doing both would make this turn last turn and next turn this turn. Which turn is this next turn last turn?

Clear enough? "Why do they call it oven"-style phrasing aside, the card's flavor's text is mercifully not a Hawk Tuah reference.

It's yet another example of "Hawk Tuah" causing a mini-meltdown on social media. To date, the meme has been the subject of myriad false rumors, including that Hawk Tuah spitter Haliey Welch was fired from a teaching job that she never had and signed with the massive talent agency UTA, which never happened.

The meme was also the subject of both pro- and anti-commentary from conservatives. Some suggested the LGBTQ+ community was mad at her for distracting from Pride Month, though there was no evidence of this being a widespread phenomenon, and conservative firebrand Laura Loomer nearly went on a crusade after learning Welch would not "hawk tuah" on Donald Trump.

Next up, Welch will reportedly be the subject of a joke in an upcoming Eminem music video, and history suggests nobody will be normal about that.

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