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usergosd7n01yj "New Nails & My Kitty" TikTok Video

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This entry contains content that may be considered sensitive to some viewers.


usergosd7n01yj "New Nails & My Kitty" TikTok Video refers to a deleted TikTok video posted by TikToker @usergosd7n01yj in June 2024 in which she showed her vagina seemingly by accident when trying to show off her new nails and pet cat, paired with the caption, "new nails & my kitty." The post was a more explicit variation of the New Nails TikTok Trend. It was also set to the song "Nasty" by Tinashe with the lyrics, "I've been a nasty girl." After the video went viral, users checked out @usergosd7n01yj's profile and realized that she secretly flashed herself in most of her posts. For instance, in another video with a TV over a bathtub, she flashed the viewer in a brief reflection. The TikToker's "new nails & my kitty" video inspired viral reactions, discourse and parodies after its virality, similar to other shock videos. @usergosd7n01yj was deleted in June 2024, likely because of the "new nails & my kitty" video.


Sometime on or before June 12th, 2024, since-deleted TikToker[1] @usergosd7n01yj posted a video with a caption reading, "new nails & my kitty." In the clip, @usergosd7n01yj showed her new nails and her pet cat. However, when moving her hand, she also showed her vagina seemingly by accident (censored screenshots shown below).

The video was later removed but multiple TikTokers reposted it, such as TikToker[2] @justauserman1 on June 12th, gaining over 2.7 million plays and 26,200 likes in a day. Many of the reposts were also removed by TikTok's moderation team.

مل TikTok @usergosd7n01yi XX مل Tik Tok @usergosd7n01yj مل TikTok @usergosd7n01y


TikTokers began referencing @usergosd7n01yj's video in their content going into mid-2024. For instance, on June 12th, 2024, TikToker[3] @shmellzy posted a parody of @usergosd7n01yj's video, gaining over 579,200 plays in a day (shown below).

@shmellzy THIS SET & my kitty 💀💀💀 #fyp #usergosd7n01yj #viral #foryou #insidejoke #relatable ♬ Nasty – Tinashe

TikTokers then highlighted other explicit videos on @usergosd7n01yj's profile, like one taken in a bathtub with a TV. While moving the camera, @usergosd7n01yj flashed her nude reflection in the bathtub's faucet (censored screenshots shown below).

The video was reposted by TikToker[4] @jameidaho23 on June 12th, 2024, gaining over 143,500 plays in a day.

مل A tv in the bath?!?! TikTok @ usergosd7n01yj TikTok A tv in the bath?!?! usergosd7n01yj PIT GRA 1387 17TH STRE 660 1787 WIT SEEM مل Tik Tok @ usergosd7n01yj

TikTokers then made content that referenced all of @usergosd7n01yj's secretly NSFW videos, like TikToker[5] @1700fiennnn on June 12th, whose video used the Gimme Head Top sound and read, "Imagine your girls post lookin like usergosd7n01jy post," receiving over 60,000 plays in a day (shown below).

@1700fiennnn 😭😭😭 #SAMA28 #1700fiennnn #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – nyasaudios

TikTok Ban

Sometime on or before June 12th, 2024, TikToker[1] @usergosd7n01yj's account was deleted or banned by TikTok.

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