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This Website Is Free

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This Website Is Free
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This Website Is Free


This Website Is Free is a popular catchphrase used to caption screenshots of various interactions on Twitter. The phrase highlights the types of things found on the website, which likely could not be found elsewhere on the internet.


The earliest known usage of the phrase was posted by Twitter[1] user @dmonz2000 on April 16th, 2012 (shown below). That day, they posted "This website is free." However, the post was not coupled with a screenshot or appeared to be in reference to anything in particular.

This website is free.


Two years later, on January 20th, 2015, Twitter[2] user @fergoe retweeted (shown below, left) an image of former United States Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz's face superimposed over the Samuel Adams beer logo with the caption, "This website is free. Never forget."

Later that year, on July 31st, Twitter[3] user @AzeemTeam tweeted an interaction between CBS sports commentator Pete Prisco and another Twitter user. They captioned the screenshot, "Dog I am CRYING. I can't believe this website is free." The post (shown below, center) received more than 50 retweets and 50 likes in two and a half years.

On January 9th, 2017, Twitter[4] @god_hates_jags tweeted two posted from Tomi Lahren, who contradicts herself in a series of tweets. The post (shown below, right) received more than 43,000 retweets and 99,000 likes in a little over one year.

This website is free. Never forget. RT °Tristan: And like that WE GONE SAMUEL ADAMS BREWER PATRIOT OSTON LAGER Dog I am CRYING. I can't believe this website is free Pete Prisco @PriscoCBS Now I can go to sleep knowing that the 21h rappers' beef is getting serious. 21h Bobby Agnese @bobbyagnese @PriscoCBS You should release a Russell Wilson diss track Pete Prisco L. @PriscoCBS @bobbyagnese Good, not great, sees the second read too late. Take off and run, and it might be fun, but that is no way to play QB, son. This website is free Tweet Tweet Tomi Lahren @TomiLahren Tomi Lahren @TomiLahren Democrats vote for the handout. Republicans vote to get the damn hand out of the way so we can earn it ourselves. #whyTrumpWon 2/27/16, 5:07 PM Bad news:had to get ajob. Good new It's at my mom's store and chill as F. #1 ivinthedream 7/6/13, 4:13 PM 1,070 RETWEETS 1,046 LIKES 1,210 RETWEETS 4,812 LIKES わ

The following year, Twitter[5] user @nrrrdcore tweeted an interaction of a man assuming that a sculpture was made by a western, white man, before being corrected with the fact that the sculpture was made by a Chinese woman. The post (shown below) received more than 20,000 retweets and 70,000 likes.

About three weeks later, on March 22nd, The Daily Dot [6] posted an article about the meme.

This website is IS freeeeeeeeee Ivan Throne @DarkTriadMan This is called "art" of detail that a m ale does with This is the legacy and heritage of van Throne @Dark TriadMan-2d None that come to mind the West. That sculpture is an act of worship before Heaven, and it shows Platonic Solid Snake This is what men of the West others fight, sacrifice and die for. This is victory. #DeusVult

Various Examples

THIS WEBSITE COSTS ZERO DOLLARS Ocham's Lasers @OchamsRazr It's actually not. It's what we in Philosophy call the Mind projection fallacy. It's actually quite common among the lower classes of intellect (like Why would you defend a philosa have never read? Also saying Nie is "flavorful" is the funniest thing seen today. 01 ti MK (criminal, thief) @some_qualia 15m v LMFAO you are not "in philosophy." You aren't even adjacent to philosophy. You have less philosophy in you than LaCroix has flavor Francis Garrett Trent@MA I am not defending Lacroix. Agai haven't read him. What I am defe morality and Logic in the age of Postmodernism 01 ti Francis Garrett Trent @M... 14m I've never read his stuff. But I can assure you I am "in Philosophy". I am current reading a book by Nietzsche. Quite flavorful and I am only 250 pages in 3 Uhhh... So for the past 24 hours @Wendys &@LittleDebbie have beern hosting a talk show on Iwitter. Their guests have been @MoonPie & @PopTartsUS (subbing in for @DennysDiner, who never showed up) This website is free, etc etc avorite morning snow were we bring you fresher takes than anyone else. @Wendys, how are you this morning? Not frozen, I imagine? Skipper's Human @SkippersHuman Replying to LittleDebbie Tweets like this are why I think @Wendys and @LittieDebbie should host a talk show. 2:38 PM-7 Mar 2018 Tweet your reply Wendy's eWendys Mar 7 Traffic was crazy this morning ha, ha. And how about this weather? Right? Have you heard about this new trend all the teens are doing? "this website is free" What're you talking about? No it isn't. We pay a small piece of our soul every time we log on
Ihis website is free as hell Elizabeth Bruenig@ebruenig 38m the "don't tax me more" wing of the democratic party has strong message discipline lol Celia @_celia marie 35m Where did I say anything about taxes? Also, im not white Peter Gowan @peterjgowan 14m maybe liz got confused Celia _celia marie 2 Jul 2017 Replying to Garketex @ReignofApril I'm angry at white women and I'm white 17 Celia _celia marie 21 May 2017 Replying to @PolitikvasFina I'm white. I'm fine. t2 Celia_celia marie 6 May 2017 Replying to @Zackz83Bukofzer See, the difference between me and you is that I understand the privilege I have simply because I'm white From what I'm told, this website is free. Replying to @likingonline @SJGrunewald and @james_roe Since all of the "bot accounts" were shut down...why am I stil getting hundreds...thousands of likes and retweets per day? 9:04 PM 19 Mar 18 1 Like The Neo Grand Chancellor o... 5m v Replying to@marcushjohnson this website is free (also i don't understand the burn??? what job??) Brooklyn 99 made a Bunheads cancellation joke. Come save me. 5:22 PM-19 Mar 2018 9 Retweets 170 Likes Add another Tweet danny schiffer yahcommaboo 15h Replying to @brockwilbur wait what did they say??1??! Brock Wilbur @brockwilbur 14h just a real good joke danny schiffer @yahcommaboo 13h OK so maybe don't take a job answering any questions. You're not exactly great at it

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