Gris Swimsuit.

Gris Swimsuit

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Gris Swimsuit, also known by its associated hashtag #GrisSwimsuit, refers to a single-piece swimsuit where two parts covering the top and bottom are connected by a piece of see-through fabric across the midriff. The hashtag was launched by Twitter artist VERTIGRIS in early January 2022, promoting users on the site to draw their own Original Characters (OCs) wearing the swimsuit.


On January 7th, 2022, Twitter user @VERTIGRIS_ART[1] posted a tweet consisting of an image displaying their original character (OC) Gris wearing a specific swimsuit they designed, a primarily see-through swimsuit save for the chest and crotch area, alongside the text promoting their followers to draw their OC wearing it and post it with the #GrisSwimsuit hashtag. In reply to the tweet, VERTIGRIS also started a Twitter event[2] to collect the art created under the hashtag.



Within the next three days, the original tweet gained over 4,200 retweets and 34,800 likes. Following that tweet, multiple artists started to draw their own OC's in the swimsuit. Some of the most popular examples were drawn by gingrjoke,[3] scoring 11,400 likes (shown below, left); Gerph,[4] getting 11,200 likes (shown below, center); and Jourd4n_[5] who got 21,100 likes (shown below, right).

GROSS... (my ball! GERR

Some users took the trend in a humorous direction. For example, user @lunydoobles[6] posted a drawing of a sandwich in the outfit, gaining over 950 retweets and 8,900 likes (shown below, left). User @cyngapra[7] posted a drawing a monstrous reptilian creature wearing the swimsuit, gaining over 100 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below, right).

Various Examples


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