Big Guy Ordering at McDonald's

Big Guy Ordering at McDonald's

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Big Guy Ordering at McDonald's refers to a picture of Instagram user TheDutchGiant ordering at a McDonald's in The Philippines. The image grew popular on Reddit in August of 2019 as users created object labeling memes with the photo, as well as photoshops. Other users were baffled to see on the McDonald's menu the item "McSpaghetti," a little-known McDonald's product in the western world.


On July 7th, 2019, Instagram user TheDutchGiant,[1] aka Olivier Richters, posted a picture of himself ordering at a McDonald's in The Philippines (shown below).

thedutchgiant Follow The Mactan Newtown SULE 105 CHICKEN MCDO McSpaghetti gidst Hier e thedutchgiantWhat is wrong with this picture? A: Bodybuilding with McDonald's B: McDonald's having a McSpaghetti C: I can't hear her D: .. They have bowls with rice chicken and egg. Just perfect. Bought five for also later that day haha. Wish they have it in Europe. @mcdonaldsnl @mcdonalds BR BEST-TASTING DICKE LUEMEALS 64 125 A BOWLE E HAPPINE 129 SPICY CHICKEN 157 2 #thedutchgiant #bodybuildingand_fitness #bodybuildingaddict #mcdonalds #cheatdayeats #cheatdays #quickmeal #whatsonyourplate #musclemeat #musclemeatnl #cebuphilippines #philippineislands #philippinestravel 24,104 likes JULY 7 Add a comment... Post :


On August 21st, 2019, the picture was posted to /r/SameSpecies.[2] From there, it spread to /r/AbsoluteUnits,[3] where it gained over 48,000 points. It also was posted to /r/PsBattle,[4] where users created photoshops based on the image. Some examples include edits by Spoogen_1 and jaimersonn (shown below).


The image gained much more traction as an Object Labeling meme on subreddits such as /r/dankmemes. There, popular posts include edits by Equiwhiff[5] (shown below, left) and RegalReaper[6] (shown below, right). Many of these posts referenced the inclusion of a "McSpaghetti" on the menu, which to many users came as a surprise.

105 SULT CHICKEN MCDO MeSpaghetti ADice Me QUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN WALDE MEALS E 125 125 A BOWLE GE HAPPINE M ChD 125 95 SPICY CHICKEN McDO EDe M Dt anime t------ 187 e 107 FlaDn Ga M 147 H 145 UP RIA 12-1 the bra 93 u/Regal reaper SUL CHICKEN MCDO MeSpaghetti favesto METR ODSEELS 64 175 AGOWLE HAPPINE Me 5'11 93 ts 50 girl explaining why iam too short for her


SULI 105 QUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN MCDO Sa 07 LYDOLUS 99 Chicken Ka eint and lest e A Chicken McDa 1Chee OUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN VALUE MEALS APPY MEAL ALL-TIME FAORITE BURGER VALUE MEALS 64 125 125 A BOWLE FHAPPINE Clhicken McDe B1Dricken Mc 95 143 125 132 Dbre r bnDus SPICY CHICKEN MCDO Cripy Chicken Filet D1 Dicken MeDe E 1-Chicken McD 13 Roa Cola 167 176 e DRA 145 5 F2 Oicken McD (107 GMclggrts147 ME H Mcperts 145 artee w 7 MPADNETT 2 93 127 250 a e 10& 127 94 UPSIZE YOUR MEAL POA 12 - 17 20-3 64 eyor al CAF ICED COFFEE UPGRADE 20 25 ACE (auding! or Dar Urary Have

Various Examples

105 SUL CHICKEN MCDO M-Spaghetti Hie R SEST-TASTING CHICKEN ALUE MEALS 64 125 125 BOWLE HAPPINE Tho disen 125 SPICY CHICKEN McDO SMAg147 145 Noobmaster69 93 Ain. 105 SUL CHICKEN MCDO M-Spaghetti H -TCHIKEN MEALS 64 125 HAPPI --1 SPICY CHICKEN Guys revving up their car engines and blasting their 147 radios Their d---- 3 SULI 105 EST-ASTE CHICKEN MCDO w McSpaghetti LYDOULS Chickes AHDicken Me 1D QUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN VALUE MEALS RGER E EALS F MPE s 64 125 125 ABOWLE F HAPPINE CiRDite Md 8Di M 125 95 Her dildo SPICY CHICKEN MCDO EDitM Dite 167 ella Fa Ohickn 107 GM 147 182 HRM 145 ME MGPTT 93 UPSIZE YOUR MEAL 12-17 64 cani e conEE URAE My click diang! 105 SUL CHICKEN MCDO MSpaghetti AH Dicen 1Dmbgr URBEST-TASTING CICE ALUE MEALS E E A 64 125 125 A BOWLE HAPPINE Ant Man 125 95 SPICY CHICKEN MCDO EDik M ele 167 107 F GMge 147 HM 145 93 EOEA Also Ant Man 105 SUL ATT CHICKEN MCDO MSpagheti oidea ARCike 1b BEST-TASTING CICKE FALE MEALS E E EEE 64 125 125 ABOWLE HAPPINE 95 125 SPICY CHICKEN MCDO fDie etisem 167 F 107 Sbg 147 HM 145 People using this format as it was 93 E EA 54 intended Me wondering why the f--- McSpaghett is thing that exists en oner 105 SULF ar CHICKEN MCDO MSpagheti 1K Dider Md ES-TASTING CHICE ALIE MEALS 64 125 Gengis khan BOWLE HAPPINE al 95 SPICY CHICKEN MD0 om FaDe E 147 a 145 93 Every woman to live naoys

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