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Why Has 2006's 'Miami Vice' Been A Subject Of Twitter Discourse For A Week? Chaedria LaBouvier's Wild Crusade Explained

In 2006, director Michael Mann released a reboot of the cop show Miami Vice starring Colin Farrell and Jaime Foxx. It wasn't received all that well, but it has some supporters who insist it's underrated, such as film critic Brandon Streussnig. On July 4th, he announced he showed his girlfriend a scene from the film, because she wanted to watch his "favorite movie." This lit a match that appears to have fundamentally set Film Twitter ablaze for a week.

What Is Going On With Miami Vice On Twitter?

After Brandon Streussnig posted that he showed his girlfriend Miami Vice, Chaedria LaBouvier loudly took exception, tweeting "Straight men live on a completely different planet than the rest of us, WHOT is this."

No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria Straight men live on a completely different planet than the rest of us, WHOT is this You're unable to view this Post because this account owner limits who can view their Posts. Learn more 1:40 AM Jul 5, 2024 5.9M Views

Many found the comment rude and unnecessary, but it's not particularly different from the type of inane hot takes posted on Twitter every day. What launched this particular hot take was LaBouvier's days-long crusade taking on every challenger who said the tweet was rude and unnecessary.

No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria • 18h to be clear: you can rail this account for the next month, and you will never get from me what you want. I don't care about validating you, that you feel inferior, your class rage, performing civility, etc. heal from what I said. 54 1725 114 ili 211K No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria 18h I don't ride the storm, I AM the storm. I regret nothing, and meant every word of it. 133 245 86 Il 347K . No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria • 18h So that we're clear. And my intent and intentions of catalouging comments, engagement and emails are also very clear as well. I absolutely intend to use some of them in a larger publication, and I've not hidden that. 52 15 33 ılı 99K ធ

For days, LaBouvier seemed ready to die on the hill that Miami Vice was bad and "straight" culture was stupid. She quote-tweeted dozens of people she was arguing with in the comments, devolving into anime villain speak at certain points, promising that she was collecting all of the commentary for a future project centered around online hate mobs.

In one particularly memorable exchange, posted in Day Three of Miami Vice-gate, she appeared to proudly dox one of her critics by posting his full name and LinkedIn page. She congratulated herself on her excellent detective skills, but the man and others pointed out that his name was literally in his Twitter handle.

No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria So one of the reasons why I ask ppl if they'd like to go on the record is b/c I'm a very good researcher & w/the time, might find you anyway. Using a bit of the Fordham sweater posted in your header, I discovered you work here. Is there more you'd like to add to the record? Ryan Davis Aircare Applications Chemist at Givaudan New York, New York, United States · Contact info 60 connections Message + Follow More Ryan @YoSoyRyan Davis Jul 8 Replying to @chaedria and @The24thFrame Would you be willing to shut the f--- up? Maybe go outside for once?

No Quarter Will Be Given @chaedria · 20m I don't need much! This is what happens when you're one of the best! 1 27 Ryan @YoSoyRyan Davis 16m Ill 479 1 My name is in my handle Imao Q1 17 ili 121 1

Who Is Chaedria LaBouvier?

Prior to Miami Vice-Gate, LaBouvier was best known for a controversy in which she was selected as a guest curator for the Guggenheim Museum. She clashed with the museum's artistic director, Nancy Spector, and claimed Spector and the museum had racially discriminated against her. An independent investigation found no evidence to back up the claim, but Spector resigned from her position at the Guggenheim. The Atlantic covered the controversy in a piece that took an uncharitable view of LaBouvier, dubbing Spector "The Guggenheim's Scapegoat."

How Did The Internet React To The Miami Vice Drama?

The internet was stunned at just how long the drama seemed to go on, as it stretched into nearly a full week of arguing. Memes began to pop up around the drama, and some key tweets turned into copypastas.

ellis ✓ @sum1saiditinnit gf asked me to show her my favorite movie tonight. Probably the most important step in the relationship. No goin back now CHRIS ROCK I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE "A MUST-SEE LAUGH-OUT-LOUD COMEDY!" - UPN 9/WWOR (NEW YORK)

James Urbaniak @JamesUrbaniak Straight men live on a completely different planet than the rest of us, WHOT is this 8:01 AM ⚫ Jul 8, 2024 850.4K Views •

Furthermore, the controversy drew arguably the most interest in 2006's Miami Vice since 2006. For example, Kotaku published a review from a first-time watcher on July 8th. New York City's IFC Center also announced screenings of the film, as did Los Angeles' Lumiere Cinema.

For the full history of Miami Vice-Gate, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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