Queen Cheryl and her husband King Quran on TikTok.

Who's Queen Cheryl On TikTok And What's Her Death Hoax? King Quran's Wife And TikTok's Favorite Age-Gap Couple Explained

Queen Cheryl on TikTok is a 64-year-old influencer whose husband, King Quran, is 38 years younger than her. Recently, a rumor spread that Queen Cheryl passed away, widowing her 26-year-old husband.

It comes as no surprise that this happily married couple has sparked viral discourse and reactions. The optics of their contrasting old and young appearances are objectively shocking. You'd probably turn your head if you saw them walking down the street holding hands. Similar double-takes have occurred on people's "For You" pages ever since they started posting back in 2020.

However, who are Queen Cheryl and King Quran? Where are they from and how did they meet? Plus, how did the Queen Cheryl death hoax start? Let's explain.

How Old Is Queen Cheryl?

Queen Cheryl just turned 64 years old on her birthday, July 10th. She posted a celebration video early in the morning, writing, "It’s big 64" in the caption. When Queen Cheryl started posting content in 2020, she was 60.

@oliver6060 It’s big 64 #fyp ♬ original sound – Queen cheryl 👸

Who Is Queen Cheryl On TikTok?

Queen Cheryl (real name Cheryl McCain) is a TikTok influencer most known for her age-gap marriage. Her husband's name is Quran McCain (nickname King Quran) and he's 38 years younger than her. He was born in 1997, making him 26 compared to her 64.

Cheryl started posting TikTok videos in late 2022. Viewers became increasingly familiar with her and Quran, slowly realizing that the two were not only together but happily married. She and Quran gained the majority of their following in 2022 following multiple viral videos that followed then-trendy TikTok trends.

Queen Cheryl suffers from eating disorders, addiction tendencies and childhood trauma, as revealed in some of her videos. She has seven children and 17 grandchildren. Plus, she's expecting an eighth child with Quran via their surrogate mother who's just become pregnant.

@oliver6060 It’s finally happening we’re startung our family @King 🤴🏾 Quran #fyp #agegap #couplegoals #surrogacy #update #baby #finally #thankgod #love #happiness ♬ original sound – Queen cheryl 👸

How Did Queen Cheryl And King Quran Meet?

Quran said that he started working at Cheryl's son's store when he was 15 years old. He didn't meet Cheryl until he was 23 and the two originally bonded over their love of TikTok.

What Is The Queen Cheryl Death Hoax?

TikTok users and trolls have started a yearly tradition of spreading a false rumor about Queen Cheryl's death. The hoaxsters falsely label a video of Quran crying with text about Cheryl's passing.

The hoax started in 2023 but recently resurfaced, coinciding with Cheryl's 64th birthday. However, again, the rumor is false.

@guyminaj #foryoupage #fyp #charlibub #trending #viral #zyxcba ♬ Grand Piano – Nicki Minaj

For the full history of Queen Cheryl, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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