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Who Is 'Dat Boi' And Why Is He Coming? The Classical Frog On A Unicycle Meme Explained

Dat Boi
Dat Boi
By Aidan Walker

Published 12 days ago

Published 12 days ago

Dat Boi may be the most lol so random thing ever posted on the internet, which is enough of an argument for its inclusion on any list of the greatest memes of all time. But in terms of cultural influence, Dat Boi is also up there. This froggy boi is arguably the papa of all the surreal memes that have come since, cycling his way into our hearts. Let's explain how that happened, and why.

Where Does 'Dat Boi' Come From?

The earliest posting of the Dat Boi frog comes from a Facebook meme page called Fresh Memes About the Mojave Desert and Other Delectable Cuisines in April of 2016. As the title of that page suggests, Dat Boi stylistically fits into the tradition of surrealist and absurdist memes.

The phrase "here come dat boi" had been used in memes unattached to the frog image as early as 2015 on Tumblr. It was on Tumblr that the now-frogified catchphrase really took off.

Over the spring of 2016, the meme like wildfire across Tumblr, which was the true incubator of Dat Boi memery as new takes on the mobile frog pedaled across the microblogs of committed users.

From there, the meme hopped to other websites. It eventually found a fiendish and devoted following on Reddit, where groups of posters forced it back into virality several times after the initial popularity of the meme died down.

Who Is 'Dat Boi,' Really? Why Is He Coming?

The image has no references in it, no context and no clear message. The caption says he's coming, and then says "oh s- waddup" leading to more questions than answers. Where is Dat Boi coming from? Why is Dat Boi here? Should we be worried about his presence, or are we greeting him with excitement?

The meme just announces its own arrival, its own presence. The fact that Dat Boi has come is enough. He is here. There is no need for anything more.

What Is Dat Boi's Place In Meme History?

Dat Boi is one of those objectively iconic memes which have come to represent an entire era and way of posting. For many, seeing Dat Boi carries them back to wherever they posted from in 2016-2017, a simpler time.

One thing that's for sure is Dat Boi is still out there, continuing his journeys across the internet and across the cosmos. He remains one of the most remarkable memes of all time.

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