You Know You They Got Your Mans

Where Did The 'You Know You They Got Your Mans' Video Come From? The Lou Ratchett Meme Explained

Lou Ratchett's sketch from early 2023 is being called some of "the most prescient piece of modern culture," since it keeps going viral online every few months. The sketch shows Ratchett mocking someone in a corner store for being friends with a sex pest, saying, "Yo… You know they got your mans, they got you mans on sex assault charges."

Ratchet's off-the-cuff delivery, paired with the surprisingly progressive nature of the video has tickled internet users. Afterall, men sticking by friends who are horrible to women has been the status quo for centuries. Here's where the video originated and why people find it to be so on the nose today.

Where Did The Clip Of A Man Saying 'You Know They Got Your Mans' Come From?

Lou Ratchett first posted his sketch in early January 2023, a video that opens with him strolling into a store and immediately pointing to the cameraman with much glee. He says, "Ayy, you know they got your mans, they got your mans on sex assault charges."

His friend even chimes in to say, "Heard you grew up with him," a damning factoid as any in the video. At one point, Ratchett leans toward the cameraman and asks, "You ain't know what he was doing? You ain't feel bad at all? Like no guilt, none of that?"

How Did The 'You Know They Got Your Mans' Video Spread Online?

The video became the go-to way to mock people who have gotten too close and personal with questionable men; one of the first viral instances where the video was reposted was a TikTok directed toward Chet and SGA, basketball players known to be close with Josh Giddey, a player accused of being inappropriate with an underage girl.

The sheer number of famous men being outed for abusing women or talking to minors in 2023 and 2024 led to Lou Ratchett's video being shared plenty of times on all platforms. By March 2024, people were even making fan art of the sketch, as seen in posts by @BattleRapBum and @havmerxi (seen below).

bum @BattleRapBum • Mar 25 Yung Miami @YungMiami305. Mar 25 This finna be a fun summer!!!!! 29 t 1.3K 12K Ill 432K "Ayyy you know they got your mans! They got your mans on sex assault charges!" H

People began editing Lou's sketch into memes like the New York-Dublin Portal, or joking about the instantly recognizable jacket Lou has on in the video.

Strad @strad404 aht aht K HUSTLE 员 M MONEY www ALL EVER ON ME PA MONEY IN FZLL DJ Akademiks @Akademiks May 15 Gunna "One of Wun" on pace to sell 65k first week. 8:35 PM ⚫ May 15, 2024 1.6M Views • ...

For the full history of "You know they got your mans," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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