The original "Goyblock" photo of a Delta Biscoff cookie.

What's The 'Goyblock' Meme? The Meaning Of 'Goyblock' And Its Origin Explained

Earlier this year, a Twitter / X user was flying Delta and received his complimentary Biscoff cookie. For some reason, he called it a "Goyblock" and the tweet went viral.

There are a couple of layers to this slang term and the original post that coined it. For starters, what does "goy" mean? Who took the Goyblock photo and why has the meme had a lasting impact? Let's explain.


Where Did 'Goyblock' Come From?

The original Goyblock meme was a tweet shared by X user @GarbageHuman23 in February. He posted two images, one showing a full meal served on an airplane in the late 1900s and the Delta-engraved Biscoff cookie in his hand.

Garbage Human @GarbageHuman23 Eat your Goyblock and shut the f--- up PRE 9:31 AM. Feb 26, 2024 4.2M Views ADELTA GRADO EL FORMA DELTA :

What Does 'Goyblock' Mean?

"Goyblock" is a variation of the term "goyslop" which refers to low-quality, mass-distributed food controlled by Jewish people as purported by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews poisoning "goyim" (as in non-Jewish people) with fast food and other processed products.

Per the original post, "goyblocks," when compared to full meals that airlines used to serve, are simpler and more processed, indicative of airplane food's decline in quality. The meme thus purports that Jewish people are behind the difference.

It's ultimately unclear how serious the original X user was. The post could be entirely satirical or entirely anti-Semitic. Using Occam's razor, one could assume that it's a little bit of both.

⁹ Faust (^..^) @toffee_32 "goyblock" HELP???????? IT'S A COOKIE Garbage Human @GarbageHuman23. Feb 26 Eat your Goyblock and shut the f--- up 8:27 AM Feb 27, 2024 2.1M Views & DELTA ADELTA CR/POD (DE) & DELTA- : ...

For the full history of Goyblock, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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