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What Is 'Good Girl Bad Girl' And Why Is It Going Viral In 2024? The 2011 'GGBG' Animation Explained

TikTok has brought an old animated YouTube music video back from the dead. The animation, known as "Good Girl Bad Girl," or "GGBG," is inspiring a wave of fan art and memes on TikTok and X / Twitter as viewers fall in love with its two main characters. But what exactly is "GGBG"? Here's what you need to know.

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What Is The 'Good Girl Bad Girl' Animation?

Way back in August 2011, Loter Inc. posted animated music video for an original song titled "Good Girl Bad Girl." The impressive animation plays out somewhat like an animated show theme song and features two characters, a blue-themed angel girl and a red devil girl, interacting in a variety of ways. Sometimes they seem at odds with each other, but at other times, they seem to be friendly.

The music video gained over 480,000 views over the next 13 years and was praised by many commenters for its skillful animation and cute characters. It wouldn't be until July 2024, however, when TikTokers got their hands on it and began making edits and memes out of clips from the video, propelling the animation back into the spotlight.

How Is GGBG Used In Memes?

Several TikTok edits made out of the animation went viral in July 2024, garnering millions of views and inspiring viewers to seek out the original video. From there, more edits started popping up, many of them highlighting Good Girl and Bad Girl specifically. Some even shipped the two as a couple.

From there, word of the animation spread to X, where users began posting fan art depicting the characters in a variety of situations and animation styles. All this added attention has given a new life to the characters and the animation's creators have taken notice. Recently, they left a comment under the original YouTube video, reading, "Thank you all for the sudden interest! It is much appreciated, especially after all this time!"

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For the full history of "Good Girl Bad Girl," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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