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Did Sketch Really Run A Gay OnlyFans Account Before Twitch Streaming? Rumors About The Streamer's Supposed Leaks Explained

Sketch gay OF rumors and leaks explained.
Sketch gay OF rumors and leaks explained.
By Sakshi Rakshale

Published 13 days ago

Published 13 days ago

Twitch streamer Sketch first went viral on TikTok for his Madden streams and his catchphrase turned meme, "What's Up Brother?" earlier in 2024. The streamer's bespectacled character has garnered a considerable fanbase over the past few months, but his followers were shocked to hear the rumors about the streamer's past as an allegedly gay OnlyFans model in the summer of 2024.

An anonymously posted YouTube video went viral nearly overnight after it claimed to have pieced together images and information from a series of OnlyFans accounts they claim are run by Sketch.

Here's a recap of everything we know about the purported Sketch leaks, and a look at how the streaming community and internet have reacted to the news.

What Are The Rumors About Twitch Streamer Sketch's Leaks?

In early July 2024, YouTuber Pocketbook posted a video about uncovering what they claimed to be Sketch's former work as a gay OnlyFans content creator working under monikers like Jamiemarhtxxx, Jamiemaratx, Jamiemarnsfw and Jamiescouture.

The video compared images of Sketch with the model pictured in the accounts, chalking up the various similarities between two people who seem vastly different on first impression.

As of the morning of July 8th, 2024, Sketch has yet to comment on the accusations, but that hasn't stopped them from spreading like wildfire across the web.

How Did The Twitch Community React To Sketch's Rumored Leaks?

The Twitch streaming community and fans learned about the rumors regarding Sketch in the early hours of July 8th, and many streamers posted their reactions to the news as it spread.

In a clip posted by X / Twitter user @FearedBuck on July 8th, 2024, streamers Max, Lacy and Ronaldo can be seen disparaging Sketch and talking about seeing their interactions with him in a new light following the speculation about him being an OF model.

But not everyone was quick to badmouth Sketch in the aftermath of the viral video. For example, streamer Los Pollos posted a video defending Sketch and asking people why they care about what another man does if they like his content.

How Did Internet Users React To The Rumors About Sketch's Past?

As is often the case with well-known streamers and internet personalities having viral allegations trend online, the rumors have sparked considerable discourse already, as well as memes.

Early on July 8th, X user @gowolfa posted a meme about Sketch waking up to news about the YouTube video, while @kirawontmiss[5] posted a meme about how people eager to "cancel" Sketch for being gay seem to be ignoring the potential that he is faking a mental disability for the sake of a streaming career.

How Did Sketch Respond To The News About His Past?

On July 8th, 2024, Sketch hosted a stream confirming the rumors about his past work as an OnlyFans model, saying his addictions had played a role in that lifestyle and that he is a changed man now.

Many internet users found Sketch's acknowledgment of the "controversy" very endearing and were quick to express their appreciation for how well he was handling the backlash against him. xQc responded to BruceDropEmOff's disparaging comments about Sketch, and went on a rant about how the controversy shouldn't matter (seen below).

Many internet users also piled on streamers like Sneako for not taking the news about Sketch in stride, like X user @brndxix, who said, "man that is pretending to be muslim for financial gain says sketch is living a lie."

For the full history of Sketch's OF Leaks, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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