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16 Moments Where People Technically Told The Truth, So You Can't Blame Them

George Washington famously could not tell a lie, and neither can the people in these memes. While they may not have provided the most useful or appropriate responses, they did answer with honesty. You have to give them that. It is, technically, the truth.

Reddit's /r/technicallythetruth exists to gather and record moments where somebody has said the right thing but not what they were supposed to say. Where a sign has interpreted a situation very literally, or a speaker has implied something but not truly meant it. If you can't handle the truth then these memes might not be for you. But if you're a fan of straight faced, dry-as-the-Sahara humor, these memes are exactly what you need.

Because at the end of the day, honesty is not just the best policy, it might also be the most entertaining one. In an age of misinformation and deepfakes, finding joy in telling the truth and nothing but the truth is just about the most wholesome thing anyone on the internet can do.

False Alarm

iMessage Today 2:48 PM I FELL OFF A 50 FOOT LADDER TODAY OMG R U OK yea luckily I was on the first step Read 2:49 PM

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The Last Act

Romeo & Juliet SUMMARY ULL Type here to search D1080 ng FS ROMEO JULIET 31 Heisenberg): X acer J

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Contemporary Art

My fiancé just asked me to come into the kitchen to see what they made. "It's a couch potato."

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Venusians Unite

Steve Milloy @JunkScience DeFazio on climate: "This is the ... existential threat to the future of the planet." Insanity. For comparison, the atmosphere Venus is 96.5% CO2 -- and the planet is still there. In contrast, Earth's atmosphere is only~0.04% CO2. via @politico

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Education In Action

tiger-in-the-flightdeck The lack of context here is thrilling mark-watney-spacepirate introductory python programming course

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Be Careful! It Is Sliced

Statistically, 99% of criminals have eaten bread

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nate_ai_language_tutor Suggested for you Nate Follow Don't forget to say "mucho" to your Spanish friends. It means a lot to them.

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Doubly Accurate

Х 9:34 Change username Sorry, this username is taken. Try ano u/Taken Can't think of one? Use one of these:

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Gussying It Up

consigliere @moyodre How would you write "I changed a light bulb" on your resume? M @THATYORUBAGUY @MuyiwaSaka Single-handedly managed the suc- cessful upgrade and deployment of new environmental illumination system with zero cost overruns and zero safety incidents. от Σ

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Vin Diesel spotted shirtless on a yacht in Italy Razzle Bathbone @joe_dogranch and you are yachtless in a shirt. don't act like he's the loser

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Fully True

James Hannah. @jameshannah Depluralise a film. I'll start. Jaw. Benjamin Judge @benjaminjudge Replying to @jameshannah A Crow on the Orient Express 3:08 AM 9/11/22 Twitter Web App

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Wedding Bells

mike rachel and i are no longer dating 18:14 PM 10 Jun 22 Twitter for iPhone rachel@ Replying to 27 go mike that's a horrible way of telling people we're married 173 5

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Technically, It Is

Is this a sandwich? Please discuss

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Garage Life

JAY @LifeOfJay98 These huge companies all started from a garage... what's YOUR excuse? Disney Apple Amazon Google BRANDO @el_branbran I don't have a garage.

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Highly Accurate

Jon Erlichman @Jon Erlichm... .4h v @JonErlichm.... Breaking: Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion 76 914 2,599 Maitrey Jukar @EmptyJayy Replying to @JonErlichman Oh. Bad deal. I bought mine for $69.95.

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Not A Scam, Technically

In the 1990s, a California man, Steve Comisar, began putting ads in national magazines selling "Solar- powered dryers" for $49.95. Customers would then receive a simple clothesline in the mail.

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